Nothing is more beautiful than a space that radiates love and elegance

Délice Design Co. was created with one intention: to discover and provide items of delight to admirers of beauty.

Every single piece in our collections is lovingly selected and curated in the Waikato to bring the most delight from our world, straight into your space. We seek out things that are of the highest quality, inspire curiosity and wonder. Whether you are working, celebrating, or just doing everyday life -  we have something to elevate your environment.

Our Essentials

Without these three key elements we are nothing. You'll find traces of these throughout everything we do, all wrapped up in each package you receive from Délice Design Co.


There is a particular kind of mystery and a beauty around everything that rare in this world. We seek out for each collection, something that not only brings joy, it is also exclusive. Creating a feeling of intrigue and amazement, that is what we live for!


Indulgence is that moment of bliss when you allow yourself to be fully immersed in something truly delightful. Sometimes beauty isn’t about necessity, it is about the delicious feeling of you get when you decide to do it ‘just because.’


To be happily surprised is the ultimate feeling of spontaneous joy. We live and die by delight – in all things, for all people in all places. The world would be a better place if more people knew how to look for the delightful in everyday living.

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